We ALL want those toned arms and sculpted abs for those Crop Top days so we have brought you some workouts to help exactly with that!! Enjoy!! 

Work out by Maya Aviezer! 

35 Oblique Dips

(stay in plank position and dip hips to each side) keep abs engaged and sucked in at all times!!!!


10 Side plank dips

  • Lie on your side with legs stretched out and place your elbow on the floor directly underneath your shoulder with palm grasping the floor.
  • Pile your feet on top of each other and lift your body up to neutral.
  • Dip your hips down toward the floor and lift them higher than neutral.
  • Complete at least 10 dips on each side.

20 Straight Leg Sit-Ups 

(legs stay flat on the ground, while body comes up)




Side Delt Raise

  • Start holding a pair of dumbbells at your sides with a neutral grip, palms facing each other.
  • Bend your elbows slightly, holding this position throughout the exercise by keeping your elbows locked at that angle.
  • Raise the dumbbells out to your sides in a wide arc to about shoulder level.
  • Pause for a moment at the top, then return to the start position with a controlled motion and repeat.

(Keep shoulders back and down during movement. If you’re rounding your back, reduce the weight.)

One-Arm Kickback

  • Hold a weight in your right hand and lift your right arm parallel to your torso.  
  • Bend your right elbow to a 90-degree angle. 
  • Slowly straighten your arm, pause, then return to the start position.
  • Do 12, then switch sides.

Standing Shoulder Press

  • Grab a dumbbell in each hand and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent. Hold the dumbbells just above your shoulders.
  • Press the weights up until your arms are straight overhead. Hold for 1 second, then take 3 seconds to lower the dumbbells back to start.
  • Do 6 to 8 reps

Bent over Side Lateral Raise

  • Bend at the waist until your torso is nearly parallel to the floor. Your legs should be slightly bent with your left hand placed on your lower left thigh. Your right arm should be hanging from your shoulder in front of you and with a slight bend at the elbow. This will be your starting position.
  • Raise your right arm, elbow slightly bent, to the side until the arm is parallel to the floor and in line with your right ear. Breathe out as you perform this step.
  • Slowly lower the weight back to the starting position as you breathe in.
  • Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions and repeat the movement with the other arm.





Get to know Tracy Wells, owner of Santa Barbara Soaps, a little bit better!

Q: When and where did you start your business?

A: I officially started Santa Barbara Soaps back in 2010. I had been making soaps for friends & family for fun for several years before and people kept coming back for more. I was getting requests from people who wanted to give them as gifts, buy them for themselves or have them as wedding favors. Around that time, I met Amy Cooper who had just opened Plum Goods on State Street.  She took a chance on me and started selling my soaps in her store. Everything really grew from there. 

Q: Why did you choose the field you are in?

A: I love cooking, chemistry and art. For a while I was even a chemistry major at UC Santa Cruz. Soap making is a perfect blend of all three. I had played around with making candles, hand churned infused butters, and even distilling wines from different local grape varietals.  I landed on soap making because I loved the intersection of the art, science & formulating, plus the pure magical alchemy of the soap making process itself.

Q: What inspires your work:

A:  I’m often inspired by scents I pick up in nature or cooking. I love playing around with the infinite combinations of scents, colors and ingredients that go into a soap batch. In my workshop, I really have hundreds of bottles of different essential oils and fragrance oils. I love experimenting with the various combinations as I search for the right mix to get just that right scent. I also love the process of trying to get the right texture, lather and richness in my soaps. I experiment again and again with each batch and have been known to give a friend some soaps and then call them right after their morning shower to ask them what they thought of the lather and how their skins feels. I actually enjoy reading chemistry books and articles about exciting subjects such as pH testing, saponification values and IFRA standards. My husband laughs at my bedtime reading choices.

Q: Where can we currently find your products?

A: We only sell to local specialty boutiques and gift shops and do not sell online. You can find Santa Barbara Soaps in Plum Goods of course, but also at The Four Seasons Biltmore and specialty custom gift companies such as SB Gifting Suite.  We have a few others coming on board soon, so stay tuned!  Because our soaps are truly handcrafted and each bar of soap is totally unique in design, we cannot mass product our product and stay true to what’s made it so special.  Our method is small batch and that means it’s a slower and more delicate process.  So we’ve carefully chosen retailers who can properly represent our brand.

Q: Who is your ideal customer?

A: The people who buy Santa Barbara Soaps initially try them for their look and scents, because we have luxury ingredients and/or a strong eco-friendly philosophy.  They then become regulars because they love the feel and texture of the lather the sea salted soaps makes in the shower or bath and our soaps last a really long time. What’s surprising is how many men like our soaps. The “Montecito” “Pacific Surf” and “Driftwood” soaps are very popular with men.  Additionally, many visitors purchase our soaps since they travel easily and allow them to bring home a piece of Santa Barbara.  Gift givers have to be our number one customer though.  Santa Barbara Soaps are a terrific gift.   

Q: What product do you love creating the most? 

A: I absolutely love making all flavors of our sea salt soaps with coconut milk! They each have their own personality and customer following.  Asking me to choose my favorite is like asking to choose a favorite child!  LOL!  We just made a signature soap for Plum Goods and I spent quite some time researching the perfect combination of scents that elicited the right feeling that matched the richness and warmth of the colors we wanted to use. It was a collaborative effort.  In the end we used scents of ripe plums, Mysore sandalwood and fresh ginger among others and the soaps smell fantastic. That was really fun because we were using scents to capture a feeling. 




Long days spent soaking up the sunshine on the beach can lead to lots of wear and tear on your skin and hair, so we found some great products that can help heal and recover the damage done from all the sun. We’ll go step by step and help you create the most relaxing recovery bath! Here are the products you’ll need:

1.  LUSH BUTTERBALL BOMB and DREAMTIME BATH MELT- Add these to your bath for a silky and sweet aroma of vanilla, lavender and jasmine. The bath bomb helps rehydrate your skin, while the Dreamtime bar helps you get sleepy with its herbal ingredients. This combo is wonderful for a milky bath that will give you softer skin and sweeter dreams. These products can be found at a Lush store near you or ordered online at Lush.

2.   FRESH FLOWERS FROM THE FARMERS MARKET- Buy a small bouquet of roses and a small bunch of gerbera daisies from your local farmers market. Cut the gerbera daisies so they no longer have a stem and spread the flowers out in the water. Then sprinkle the rose petals from your bouquet into your milky bath. Your bath will smell like a beautiful garden and it will help you feel the relaxation that much quicker. Check out SB Famers Market for a weekly schedule of the Santa Barbara Farmer’s Market.

3.  SANTA BARBARA SOAP BARS and COCONUT MILK – These handcrafted products are made with skin-friendly ingredients designed to restore and moisturize. Our favorite sea salt soap bars are the Milk & Honey and Butterfly Beach that you can use to exfoliate and clean your skin. After the bath, massage the coconut milk onto your skin, while your skin is still damp so that it soaks into your pores. This product will moisturize and restore, leaving your skin soft and smelling like a Hawaiian day. Santa Barbara Soaps can be found at Plum Goods, Four Seasons Biltmore, SB Gifting Suite or Skin Deep Salon

4.   LUSH CUPCAKE FACE MASK- This chocolate, mint mask deeply cleanses and clears your skin from pesky acne. This is great for fighting oily skin from sweating in the hot sun or from the oils in the sunscreen you put on your face that day.  This product can be found at Lush store near you or ordered online at Lush.

5.  PURE FIJI SUGAR SCRUB AND HYDRATING BODY LOTION- After you use the soap bars to clean your skin, exfoliate even further with Pure Fiji sugar scrub. It will leave your skin smooth and recovered from your day at the beach. After the bath you can also use the Pure Fiji Hydrating body lotion to moisturize and restore. Pure Fiji products can be found at Tropicali Salon.

6.   DAVINES MELU SERUM AND ABSOLUTE BEAUTIFYING POTION – While you are soaking in the bath, apply 2-3 squeezes of the potion on your damp hair and distribute it evenly on the lengths and ends of your hair. Once potion is applied, distribute the serum onto the damp ends of your hair to counteract split ends from the heat and sun exposure. When both products are applied to damp hair, let your hair dry, leaving the products in. The potion and serum ingredients will leave your hair shiny, soft, and completely rehydrated. Davines products can be found at Tropicali Salon.




If you're planning a beach day it's important to remember all the essential products and snacks in your beach bag to keep you content for a perfect day of relaxation. We searched high and low for our favorite beach brands, some local and some not, to bring you a packing list for your everyday beach bag. Here's a list of what is Rocha Swim approved.

1. YOU NEED YOUR BEACH BAG- We were lucky enough to find two amazing brands to use for a beach bag!

Pictured below, the first beach bag is made of very sturdy denim that makes packing your bag with all your favorite essentials oh so easy!! This tote is named the "Grove Bag" by Aegis Handcraft, you may find them at Aegis Handcraft

Our second beach bag pictured below is a nicely hand crafted tan leather tote that could be worn in the day or evening named "Leather Shopping Tote" by Make Smith, you may find them at Make Smith

2. YOU WILL NEED A BEACH TOWEL- We searched high and low for an awesome beach towel and we came across the most eye appealing and incredible beach towels, which are not only beach towels but can be used as a yoga mat! This towel is truly amazing. The towel we chose is named "Baja CA" by Nomadix, you may find them at Nomadix.

3. YOU WILL WANT YOUR IPAD- Sometimes we don't feel like reading actual books or we want to play the occasional words with friends so this is where our ipad's come in handy! But WAIT! Don't forget to protect your ipad while it is floating around in your bag. We fell in love with a leather ipad sleeve by Aegis Handcraft named the "Taylor Tablet Sleeve," you may find them at Aegis Handcraft.

4. YOU WILL NEED SNACKS- Us girls at Ali'i Kai love our nutrition bars; easy, fast and delicious! We found amazing nutrition bars by Santa Barbara Bars. Santa Barbara Bars have three different flavors of bars; Coconut Almond, Peanut Chocolate Cherry and Cranberry White Chocolate.. all of them are very tasty! You can find them at Santa Barbara Bar.

5. YOU WILL NEED SOMETHING TO DRINK- Who doesn't love juice?! We like to have a nice cold organic pressed juice with us when hitting the beach. We like to choose juices from the Juice Ranch, the two flavors we chose were "Pink Panther" which is made up of sprouted almonds, beets, dates, vanilla bean, cinnamon, himalayan salt & alkaline water the second flavor we chose was "The Yoda" made up of kale, celery, romaine, cucumber, spinach & parsley. These juices and much more can be found at Juice Ranch.

6. DON'T FORGET YOUR WATER- We love to fill up our reusable Save The Mermaids glass water bottle. Why is it glass? Because us beach lovers try to eliminate as much plastic as possible but remember when taking glass to the beach, if it breaks please clean up your pieces! You may find more Save The Mermaid products and activities at Save the Mermaids.

7. You will not want to forget sunscreen and if you love getting tan like us then you will need tanning oil! We picked up some awesome products from Tropicali Beach Beauty Boutique and Channel Islands Surfboard Shop. We used Sun Bum sunscreen for our body and CRS (Cell Renewal Systems) for our face, and of course the tanning oil which is from Palmera Tanning Oil. Sun Bum can be found at Channel Islands Surf Boards or Sun Bum and CRS Face Sunscreen and Palmera Tanning Oil can be found at Tropicali or Cell Renewal Systems and Palmera SB. 

8. Last but not least grab your hat, sunglasses and of course put on your Rocha Swim Bikini! 




Studio 399 Jewelry x Rocha Swim Summer 2014 Collection Fashion Show

This past Saturday we hosted our very first and very own Fashion Show, the Show was a Collab with Studio 399 Jewelry. We would love to thank everyone who came out and supported! And a BIG thank you to Danny Winter for performing, you can find his music at ( We are definitely looking forward to our next show! Please enjoy some pictures from the event! 



Rocha Swim X Studio 399 Jewelry Lookbook Shoot

Hello Everyone!!! So this past weekend Rocha Swim and Studio 399 Jewelry Shot our last looks for our Summer 2014 lookbook and what better place to shoot than in Laguna Beach!!! We were lucky enough to have the GORGEOUS Maya Aviezer model for us; you may find Maya on instagram at @maikaaaa_ @bootyfullbod and on twitter at 

You may also find Studio 399 Jewelry at or on instagram @studio399jewelry

Traveling down to Laguna was a bit of a mission when your coming from Redondo Beach especially when you are finding a hidden beach and your not familiar with the area but now that we have been to Laguna we can say we LOVE IT! Please enjoy some pictures from our new favorite secret spot in Laguna and our stay in Redondo Beach!

Now staying in Redondo is nice as well! Especially when you get to wake up to the sunrise and go to sleep with a nice sunset! We like to make our way down the strand to Hermosa and Manhattan when we are there. Let us tell you about our FAVORITE place to eat when we are in Hermosa, it's this delicious restaurant called The Rockefeller! ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you order is so full of flavor and they are all good flavors that compliment each other! So of course I chose The Rockefeller for my birthday dinner while we were spending the weekend down there for photoshoots. Not only is their food delicious but their pistachio cheesecake was AMAZING too! 



Rocha Swim X Del Sol Jewelry Trunk Show

On Decemeber 21st Rocha Swim had their very first trunk show ever! It was a good turn out for our first time; it was an experience! We had Mony's Taco Truck, desserts, wine tasting by Fox Wine, live music by locals of Santa Barbara and of course there was babes in bikinis and a jewelry booth. Our Local singers Ben and Keith played some sets of reggae, Delaney Albright sang some of her favorite songs while on the keyboard and Summer Jean sang a few covers as well; they are all truly talented people! Thank you to everyone that came out, that supported and came out to have some fun with us. 






How and Where I started

Hi guys! I thought I'd let you all know how I started Rocha Swim. Before Rocha Swim was anything I was a student at De Marcos Fashion Academy in Santa Barbara. Yes I was a fashion and design student studying dresses; you heard right dresses not bathing suits. My first "line" was three dresses I had to come up with for my first fashion show ever that my school hosted every year. The line of dresses were inspired by the Asian culture, I am very much in love with Asian prints. My third dress kind of took a turn from my asian theme, it was gold and sparkly and long, it had the prettiest train on it... it was my finale dress so it had to be different it had to make the crowd say "AHHH!!" "OMG!" "THATS BEAUTIFUL" and so it did. The reactions of everyones face was priceless! It proved to me that I had done wonderfully on this dress and everyone was INLOVE! But after my show was over I started gearing towards swimwear. I have no idea where I got the motivation to pursue swimwear, but I did. Rocha Swim took off! I was getting orders left and right, I even got asked to have bottoms in a magazine called 708 Magazine all in my first month of making bathing suit bottoms. I was beyond thrilled with all the love and encouragement that kept pushing me forward with Rocha Swim. I am about four months in and I couldn't be happier! Designing swimwear and making patterns, putting them together, everything came to me so naturally so I knew this is where I was supposed to be. 

Here are my three dresses ( which were made in 3 months) YES I was stressing out but I love the results

Screen shot 2013-12-07 at 10.17.02 PM.png
DMFA Summer Show-551.jpg