If you're planning a beach day it's important to remember all the essential products and snacks in your beach bag to keep you content for a perfect day of relaxation. We searched high and low for our favorite beach brands, some local and some not, to bring you a packing list for your everyday beach bag. Here's a list of what is Rocha Swim approved.

1. YOU NEED YOUR BEACH BAG- We were lucky enough to find two amazing brands to use for a beach bag!

Pictured below, the first beach bag is made of very sturdy denim that makes packing your bag with all your favorite essentials oh so easy!! This tote is named the "Grove Bag" by Aegis Handcraft, you may find them at Aegis Handcraft

Our second beach bag pictured below is a nicely hand crafted tan leather tote that could be worn in the day or evening named "Leather Shopping Tote" by Make Smith, you may find them at Make Smith

2. YOU WILL NEED A BEACH TOWEL- We searched high and low for an awesome beach towel and we came across the most eye appealing and incredible beach towels, which are not only beach towels but can be used as a yoga mat! This towel is truly amazing. The towel we chose is named "Baja CA" by Nomadix, you may find them at Nomadix.

3. YOU WILL WANT YOUR IPAD- Sometimes we don't feel like reading actual books or we want to play the occasional words with friends so this is where our ipad's come in handy! But WAIT! Don't forget to protect your ipad while it is floating around in your bag. We fell in love with a leather ipad sleeve by Aegis Handcraft named the "Taylor Tablet Sleeve," you may find them at Aegis Handcraft.

4. YOU WILL NEED SNACKS- Us girls at Ali'i Kai love our nutrition bars; easy, fast and delicious! We found amazing nutrition bars by Santa Barbara Bars. Santa Barbara Bars have three different flavors of bars; Coconut Almond, Peanut Chocolate Cherry and Cranberry White Chocolate.. all of them are very tasty! You can find them at Santa Barbara Bar.

5. YOU WILL NEED SOMETHING TO DRINK- Who doesn't love juice?! We like to have a nice cold organic pressed juice with us when hitting the beach. We like to choose juices from the Juice Ranch, the two flavors we chose were "Pink Panther" which is made up of sprouted almonds, beets, dates, vanilla bean, cinnamon, himalayan salt & alkaline water the second flavor we chose was "The Yoda" made up of kale, celery, romaine, cucumber, spinach & parsley. These juices and much more can be found at Juice Ranch.

6. DON'T FORGET YOUR WATER- We love to fill up our reusable Save The Mermaids glass water bottle. Why is it glass? Because us beach lovers try to eliminate as much plastic as possible but remember when taking glass to the beach, if it breaks please clean up your pieces! You may find more Save The Mermaid products and activities at Save the Mermaids.

7. You will not want to forget sunscreen and if you love getting tan like us then you will need tanning oil! We picked up some awesome products from Tropicali Beach Beauty Boutique and Channel Islands Surfboard Shop. We used Sun Bum sunscreen for our body and CRS (Cell Renewal Systems) for our face, and of course the tanning oil which is from Palmera Tanning Oil. Sun Bum can be found at Channel Islands Surf Boards or Sun Bum and CRS Face Sunscreen and Palmera Tanning Oil can be found at Tropicali or Cell Renewal Systems and Palmera SB. 

8. Last but not least grab your hat, sunglasses and of course put on your Rocha Swim Bikini!