Hello Everyone!!! So this past weekend Rocha Swim and Studio 399 Jewelry Shot our last looks for our Summer 2014 lookbook and what better place to shoot than in Laguna Beach!!! We were lucky enough to have the GORGEOUS Maya Aviezer model for us; you may find Maya on instagram at @maikaaaa_ @bootyfullbod and on twitter at www.twitter.com/mayaviezer 

You may also find Studio 399 Jewelry at www.studio399jewelry.com or on instagram @studio399jewelry

Traveling down to Laguna was a bit of a mission when your coming from Redondo Beach especially when you are finding a hidden beach and your not familiar with the area but now that we have been to Laguna we can say we LOVE IT! Please enjoy some pictures from our new favorite secret spot in Laguna and our stay in Redondo Beach!

Now staying in Redondo is nice as well! Especially when you get to wake up to the sunrise and go to sleep with a nice sunset! We like to make our way down the strand to Hermosa and Manhattan when we are there. Let us tell you about our FAVORITE place to eat when we are in Hermosa, it's this delicious restaurant called The Rockefeller! ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you order is so full of flavor and they are all good flavors that compliment each other! So of course I chose The Rockefeller for my birthday dinner while we were spending the weekend down there for photoshoots. Not only is their food delicious but their pistachio cheesecake was AMAZING too!