When you are traveling packing can be stressful, but when you are traveling to paradise packing can be fun and easy!! There's not much that you will need when you are staying on a beach because we all know you will be in your bikini 24/7 so ditch the dreadful "what do I need to pack??" question. First things first, YOU NEED TO REMEMBER A BIKINI or even 10 of them. Bikinis are so much more important than clothes when you are going to a beach destination. You will also need to remember beauty products if you want to look like a real life mermaid, and no we don't mean concealer, eyeliner, eyeshadow, contouring kits....what we mean is lip balm, tanning lotion, hair volumizing and thickening spray and some nail polish; products that will give you a natural beautiful look. NEVER forget sunglasses, your eyeballs can get sun damage as easy as your skin can so always make sure you have polarized sunglasses that will keep those UV rays out! Depending on if you are on a cruise or lounging on the beach will determine if you should wear any accessories. If you are on a cruise, through on some hoop earrings and chunky solid watch (make sure your earrings aren't silver and your watch is gold...thats a big NO NO.) If you are anything like us you will not want to forget your camera because when you see that first tropical sunset you will be wishing you had your camera with you to capture the beauty that mother nature creates herself. And last but not least, something to throw on over your bikini. As the sun sets and breezes pick up it can get kind of chilly outside so stay warm until you get back to your car or room.