A major essential in California is a bikini! And of course when you're in a bikini you want to look your best; you want to have the perfect beachy waves in your hair, just the right amount of make up, you may want a "beach bod" and glowing skin. Well beachy waves are pretty easy to do, you just put your hair in a french braid when it's wet and undo your braid when your hair is dry, spray it with some Philip B  "Maui Wowie" Sea Salt spray and your ready to go! For make up, all we want is a mineral powder with SPF, some bronzer on our cheeks bones, and one coat of waterproof mascara, OH and of course some chapstick with SPF in it as well! But if you want a true dewy look without the make up, and a flat tummy without the dieting pills....try out a Juice Cleanse! Of course check with your doctor first and keep it to 3 days at a time. If a juice cleanse isn't for you try adding a pressed juice to your regular diet! Our favorite pressed juice would have to be Juice Ranch, locally started in Santa Barbara, CA. We love Juice Ranch so much we decided to bring you guys a Q&A with the owners of Juice Ranch. ENJOY! Juice Ranch

Q: When and Where did you start your business?

A: Juice Ranch was founded in 2012 in Santa Barbara California, although we spent a good year and a half getting everything together prior to opening our doors. 

 Q: Why did you choose the field you are in?


Erin: My passion is and always has been what we put into our bodies. On my quest to be the healthiest version of myself, I discovered juicing and eating organic local food. This discovery changed my life and all the people around me who partook in this. I wanted to help mold our current food industry and offer a new kind of "fast food" option for people. My dream is to one day see this standard be the norm. If I start  Much of my food education was learned in Guatemala as a sous chef. I studied medicinal plants and looked to nature to be a guide for healthy living. Upon my return to Santa Barbara I was unsatisfied with the lack of healthy food options and believed we could create a business that educated and healed people using organic local food. 

Scott: Prior to Juice Ranch I owned and operated an environmental film company. Much of my time was seeking creative outlets to inform communities about ongoing scientific discoveries regarding the health of our ecosystems. What I didn't realize, until I met Erin, was how poorly I took care of my own personal environment. She reintroduced me to raw healthy healing foods and that was my "ah-ha!" moment. How could I ever ask people to care about an outside environmental matter until the inside was addressed first. I also wanted to start a business that wasn't focused solely on the bottom line. Much of my personal, ethical, and environmental beliefs are now embedded into the core values that make up Juice Ranch today. 


Q: What inspires/ inspired you and or your work:


Erin: I get my inspiration from people, places, and things. It really comes from everywhere. As long as I keep my doors open inspiration keeps coming in.

Scott: I am constantly inspired by our customers who see improvements in their health once they focus their energy on their fuel source, organic food! We have seen all different types of health recoveries just from drinking organic raw juice. Although we are not doctors, it does not take years of pre-med to know that processed foods are not an efficient source of life energy. Juice Ranch aims to simplify our food choices by limiting the amount of hands from harvest to production. We steal all of our concepts directly from nature. A fun word I love to say and ponder is "biomimicry," look it up!


Q: Where can we currently find your products?

A: We now have 3 storefronts:

33 Parker Way, Santa Barbara 

6533 Trigo Rd., Isla Vista

2847 Agoura Rd., Westlake Village


Q: Who is your ideal customer?


Scott: Anyone who is in need of nourishment, be it: immunity support, weight loss, energy boost, hangover remedy, focus enhancement, athletic endurance, skin clarity, or libido/fertility strengthening, all of our drinks come from our natural environments and the benefits are endless. Our pressed juices are a quick and easy way to reconnect with raw organic foods.