Long days spent soaking up the sunshine on the beach can lead to lots of wear and tear on your skin and hair, so we found some great products that can help heal and recover the damage done from all the sun. We’ll go step by step and help you create the most relaxing recovery bath! Here are the products you’ll need:

1.  LUSH BUTTERBALL BOMB and DREAMTIME BATH MELT- Add these to your bath for a silky and sweet aroma of vanilla, lavender and jasmine. The bath bomb helps rehydrate your skin, while the Dreamtime bar helps you get sleepy with its herbal ingredients. This combo is wonderful for a milky bath that will give you softer skin and sweeter dreams. These products can be found at a Lush store near you or ordered online at Lush.

2.   FRESH FLOWERS FROM THE FARMERS MARKET- Buy a small bouquet of roses and a small bunch of gerbera daisies from your local farmers market. Cut the gerbera daisies so they no longer have a stem and spread the flowers out in the water. Then sprinkle the rose petals from your bouquet into your milky bath. Your bath will smell like a beautiful garden and it will help you feel the relaxation that much quicker. Check out SB Famers Market for a weekly schedule of the Santa Barbara Farmer’s Market.

3.  SANTA BARBARA SOAP BARS and COCONUT MILK – These handcrafted products are made with skin-friendly ingredients designed to restore and moisturize. Our favorite sea salt soap bars are the Milk & Honey and Butterfly Beach that you can use to exfoliate and clean your skin. After the bath, massage the coconut milk onto your skin, while your skin is still damp so that it soaks into your pores. This product will moisturize and restore, leaving your skin soft and smelling like a Hawaiian day. Santa Barbara Soaps can be found at Plum Goods, Four Seasons Biltmore, SB Gifting Suite or Skin Deep Salon

4.   LUSH CUPCAKE FACE MASK- This chocolate, mint mask deeply cleanses and clears your skin from pesky acne. This is great for fighting oily skin from sweating in the hot sun or from the oils in the sunscreen you put on your face that day.  This product can be found at Lush store near you or ordered online at Lush.

5.  PURE FIJI SUGAR SCRUB AND HYDRATING BODY LOTION- After you use the soap bars to clean your skin, exfoliate even further with Pure Fiji sugar scrub. It will leave your skin smooth and recovered from your day at the beach. After the bath you can also use the Pure Fiji Hydrating body lotion to moisturize and restore. Pure Fiji products can be found at Tropicali Salon.

6.   DAVINES MELU SERUM AND ABSOLUTE BEAUTIFYING POTION – While you are soaking in the bath, apply 2-3 squeezes of the potion on your damp hair and distribute it evenly on the lengths and ends of your hair. Once potion is applied, distribute the serum onto the damp ends of your hair to counteract split ends from the heat and sun exposure. When both products are applied to damp hair, let your hair dry, leaving the products in. The potion and serum ingredients will leave your hair shiny, soft, and completely rehydrated. Davines products can be found at Tropicali Salon.